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Welcome to the Davisville Ecovillage VCC. The village that we plan to develop will be largely self-sufficient, limited in size to 200 adults, with its own constitution, and an economy based on extensive use of commons and designed to meet the needs of the village citizens. Citizenship will have to be earned and will include demonstrating understanding of a citizens rights and responsibilities. Governance will involve modern group processes (e.g. proforma and syntegration) and will utilize the methods pioneered by the New Democracy Foundation.

Davisville VCC Billboard

[Jun. 21, 02:11:1, 2022] News: Davisville is intended as a largely self-contained ecovillage in South central Alaska (30 miles from Homer going toward Anchorage)


Platform News

[Feb. 27, 2024] Place4Us is on YouTube: Today the first video was published on the Place4Us YouTube Channel. The President of the Earth Viability Center makes a brief statement about the importance of Place4Us in finding a new story for humanity and in building a better future. Watch it at https://youtu.be/MZuPyhTcuXA ...

[Feb. 19, 2024] Global Warming is Accelerating: The blog by Grant Forster gives clear evidence of an exponential warming.

[Feb. 19, 2024] Ocean Warming appears to be accelarating: The article by Jonathan Watts in The Guardian provides evidence for a global ocean temperature that is by far the highest observed in a February.

[Feb. 04, 2024] Meta and Zuckerberg must not be allowed to shape the next era of humanity: Courtney Radsch in her article in The Guardian makes a strong case for virtual infrastructure like Place4Us.