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Welcome to the Economy for Humanity VCC. The main mission of E4H is to develop a program that could bring more an more people to support a transformation of the current suicidal mainstream economic model into one that meets the needs of all humans while safeguarding the ELSS.

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Platform News

[Apr. 09, 2024] Letting Young People Speak: Place4Us is a place for young people to speak. If you are in this group, please, come to the VCCs of your interests and speak up. We all need to hear from you. It is your future we who are on Place4Us want to help create. If you need help to find your way around Place4Us, let us know and we will help.

[Mar. 20, 2024] Young People are less happy: The 2024 World Happiness Report finds that young people in North America, Australia and Western Europe are less happy. "While not all teenagers and young adults are suffering, a large and growing number cannot cope with being left adrift with few qualifications on an economic sea that is more testing with each passing year. Social media is believed to play a part in driving down self-esteem and robbing young people of their wellbeing. But it is the lack of education, skills training and affordable housing that underpins the decline in the positive outlook traditionally displayed in surveys by those broadly fitting the gen Z age group." (From Inman, 2024).
Can bringing them to Place4Us change this?