Earth Viability Center Virtual Community Center
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Welcome to the Earth Viability Center VCC. Earth Viability’s initial research program is focused on Viability Indices, i.e. key indicators which show how the actual state of the Earth Life Support System compares to a healthy state, i.e. the viability of the ELSS. To the extent possible this will be done for scales ranging from the global to the local. To make progress towards the Center’s vision, the Center also engages in the development of an Earth Viability Dashboard and of social collaboration platforms as a global societal infrastructure that facilitate the wide use of Earth viability knowledge for decision making at all levels.

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Building the Consortium: The EVC is in the process of pulling together a consortium of groups and organizations that are part of the "Blessed Unrest" Paul Hawkin considered in his 2007 book. The consortium will be the decision body that among others guides the development of Place4Us. If your organizations want to hear more about EVC and the consortium, please, contact us.


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[2023/11/29/12/50/39] New Layout: The layout of the reception and floor entrances has change. Please report any issues to the administration.