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What Other Say About the Planetary Emergency

Julian Cribb, February 18, 2023

In his article “A Plan for Human SurvivalJulian Cribb concludes “The Earth is a lifeboat, sinking under the pressures of overcrowding and demand. We either row it together – or we go down together. The choice is stark, and it is now before us.” He lists the urgent actions needed to avoid the sinking of the boat:

  • An Earth System Treaty addressing all the catastrophic threats, open for all to sign.
  • A ban on all nuclear weapons.
  • An end to the use of fossil fuels, to stem both climate change and global poisoning.
  • A Renewable (or circular) World Economy
  • New Human Rights, including a Right Not to Be Poisoned
  • A Global Technology Convention to oversee all powerful new technologies before they are put to dangerous misuse.
  • A World Truth Commission, to expose the liars and their lies to public shame.
  • A Human Survival Index, to inform everyone how risky is our plight and the progress we are making towards making the world safer
  • Renewable Food for everyone, to sustain all humanity and reduce the threat of war.
  • A World Population Plan, providing voluntary family planning for all.
  • A Stewards of the Earth plan for rewilding half the Earth
  • A world pandemic plan to prevent and arrest the uncontrolled spread of disease by human behaviour.
Ripple et al., February 17, 2023

In the article “Many risky feedback loops amplify the need for climate action” by William Ripple and colleagues state that many feedback loops are significantly increase the global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Since not all of these feedbacks are fully accounted for in climate models, the mitigation pathways could fail to sufficiently limit the increase in global temperature. There is a danger that not considering the possibility of much larger increases than those predicted for different pathways could lead to failed mitigation and adaptation efforts.

IPPR, February, 2023

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has published the report “1.5°C – DEAD OR ALIVE?THE RISKS TO TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE FROM REACHING AND BREACHING THE PARIS AGREEMENT GOAL” (pdf) by Laurie Laybourn, Henry Throp and Suzannah Sherman. “This paper is an output of the Cohort 2040 project, in collaboration with IPPR and Chatham House. This project seeks to better understand how the millennial and younger generations can provide the effective and transformational leadership needed to secure a better world even as environmental destabilisation grows.” This report underlines the urgency of action to reduce the existential threats for future generations: “The historical failure to sufficiently tackle the climate and ecological crisis could create consequences that challenge the ability of societies to tackle the root causes of this crisis. The vast changes needed to limit global heating and restore nature must be achieved in ever shorter periods of time.

Julian Cribb, January 5, 2023

The book “How to Fix a Broken Planet: Advice for Surviving the 21st Century” by Julian Cribb makes a strong case about the planetary emergency modern civilization has caused, and identifies the urgent steps that are needed if a collapase is to be avoided. The threats faced are thoroughly analysed and the actions needed are clearly identified.

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