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Planetary Emergency Declaration

We humans are ruling the planet! The future of humanity and the planet is in our hands. While we have created a life of prosperity and abundance for many, many more are suffering and the Earth's life-support system is in a planetary emergency. To overcome the emergency and have more of use share in the benefits of our achievements, we all need to come together to face the challenge. Only is we face the planetary emergency can we avoid a dystopic future. Together we need to engage in the urgent actions to change the paths we are on, and together we can develop the pathways to a future where Earth remains a place for all of us.

The Users of Place4Us are collaborating in drafting the “Planetary Emergency Declaration.” We urge you to participate in this effort. Comment and Participate ...

Why Your Community Should be On Place4Us

We provide the online platform Place4Us, you establish your Virtual Community Center (VCC), and you organize, develop, and govern your VCC together with your community.

Join the global citizen movement to take back our world from the global elite and reclaim it for the common man/woman ...

Connect with others, with nature, with the transcendent is a basic human need, genetically programmed into us ...

Collaborate with other VCCs to understand the threats we face and to create and bring to scale the actions needed to mitigate those threats ...

As you develop your VCC, you connect with other VCCs, share resources, learn from each other, and plan joint activities.

With your VCC you contribute to progress towards the shared vision of all VCCs on Place4Us.

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For New Users

If you are new to Place4Us, you can sign up as a Place4Us users in [User Access]. You can also sign up as a member of a VCC, which makes you also a user of Place4Us.

After you have signed up and then logged in in [User Access], you can edit your user profile on Place4Us in [User Access] -> [Edit Your Profile] or the workspace of a VCC you are a member of. In the profile, you can publish a brief bio, upload a picture of you, and set a number of preferences concerning privacy, login tracking, and notifications. Currently, your user profile applies to all VCCs you are a member of.

Place4Us News[2022/10/25] Planetary Emergency Declaration: The users of Place4Us are collaborating in developing a draft declaration of planetary emergency. Comment and Participate ...

[2022/08/27] Main Menu: The main menu of Place4Us has changed and includes now a page on how to do things and a page to give feedback on Place4us and the VCCs. More development of these pages will take place over the next weeks, stay tuned. Searching for VCCs also will very soon be more advanced ...

[2022/08/12] User Preferences: Users can now set a number of preferences in their user profile. The user profile can be edited in the workspace of a VCC a user is a member of.'

[2022/08/10] Deliberation Rooms The deliberation rooms now allow to comment on individual chats.

Place4Us Jobs

Founding Editor for the Place4Us Newsletter

Place4Us is initiating a Newsletter and is looking for an engaged editor for this new newsletter. Besides news about the Place4Us developments and activities, the P4U Newsletter will feature selected VCCs and give Place4Us users the opportunity to comment on relevant topics. For more information or to apply, see the job description.

Founding Editor for the Virtual Communities Journal

Place4Us is developing the Virtual Communities Journal (VCJ) into a open-access peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles, concept papers, and review articles related to virtual communities and social collaboration platforms. We are looking for an editor who has the vision, energy and engagement to develop the journal, attract contributions and develop a business model for the VCJ. For more information or to apply, see the job description.

Place4Us Status And Your Contribution

Place4Us is still in an early state of its development. Many floors have not been full constructed. If you are interested in contributing to the development of Place4Us conceptual, you can sign up for the Place4Us VCC. In this VCC, we are discussing many conceptual aspects of the design of Place4Us and we welcome your contribution. In this VCC, you may want to participate in some of the Chat Rooms. There are also many options to provide feedback within VCCs.

You can also provide feedback comments and ask question on the Feedback page. There you can also see comments and questions from other users and comment on these remarks.

We are also very much interested in getting more users to engage in testing the platform. If you do test, please, keep us informed about any issues you might encounter.

If you are interested in contributing to the programming of the Web tools, then please send a brief message to us and we will contact you.

If you are able to, and want to, support the development of Place4Us through a donation, please, see the information at the Earth Viability Center.