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Place4Us: The Social Collaboration Platform for You

We provide the online platform Place4Us, you establish your Virtual Community Center (VCC), and you organize, develop, and govern your VCC together with your community.

Join the global citizen movement to take back our world from the global elite and reclaim it for the common man/woman ...

Connect with others, with nature, with the transcendent is a basic human need, genetically programmed into us ...

Collaborate with other VCCs to understand the threats we face and to create and bring to scale the actions needed to mitigate those threats ...

As you develop your VCC, you connect with other VCCs, share resources, learn from each other, and plan joint activities.

With your VCC you contribute to progress towards the shared vision of all VCCs on Place4Us.

Virtual Community Centers: a Place to Learn, Connect, Collaborate, and Act

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