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Join the global citizens movement to take back our world from the global elite and reclaim it for the common man/woman. Our civilization is currently impoverishing most of us while enriching a tiny global elite and simultaneously destroying the Earth's life-support system that all human and non-human life depend upon. A global citizens movement is necessary to transform this unjust and suicidal system into one that is more just, fair, and peaceful - and to heal the Earth’s life-support system.

Place4Us is a novel social collaboration platform (SCP) that has the mission to facilitate the global citizen movement that can lead the transformation from the current suicidal system to a new system of humans meeting their needs while safeguarding the Earth's life-support system. This platform is designed to host a global ecosystem of Virtual Community Centers (VCCs) that collaborate at many levels and through self governance maintains an open, inclusive and just society. Together, the VCCs make progress towards a joint vision of a future that brings humankind into balance with the Earth's life-support system, and where the purpose of nature including humans is clearly articulated, respected and protected.

VCCs are virtual buildings for community members to interact, learn, work together and act together. A viable global citizen’s movement depends upon strong local communities and the VCCs are designed to enable those local communities.

Place4Us is different from other existing and emerging SCPs. While there are increasingly more social collaboration platforms (SCPs), there are few, if any, that are mission-based and designed to facilitate collaboration between communities. Unlike the other SCPs, Place4Us has a clear vision and a focused mission.

Place4Us Vision A global ecosystem of Virtual Community Centers that constitute a Global Citizen Movement aiming to bring humanity together in an effort to reestablish the health of the Earth's life-support system and to ensure a future of wellbeing for all human and non-human life on Earth.