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This floor provides a range of tools for participatory modeling (PM). For each PM project, a separate space is available.

While some projects can be viewed by guests, for most projects, you need to be logged in as a member of the VCC to participate. You can login or sign up at the Reception.

PM Projects are initiated and managed under the PM Projects link. The tools for individual PM projects are available once a project has been initiated. Some tools are also available as standalone tools:

Note that many of the tools are still under development. Currently available are:

  • Case Study Tool: The case study tool provides an extensive framework for working collaboratively on a case study utilizing the Case Study Template. The results of mappings and ratings can be imported into the case study report compiled in the case study tool.
  • Mappings: This collaborative tool is for the mapping of a entity in two-dimensional spaces. A typical use is for the mapping of stakeholders in a decision space relevant for a wicked problem, which can be mapped over interest and authority in the problem. Other examples are hazards that can be mapped. e.g., over impact and likelihood. For each mapping, the entity as well as the variables on the two axis can be chosen.
  • Ratings: This collaborative tool allows to collect entries for a variable and then to rate these entries according to their relevance, preferability or priority. A typical use is to collect entries for priority actions to address a wicked problems, and then to rate these based on feasibility, impact, costs, and implementation time.
  • Surveys: This tool can be used to conduct surveys in project groups, case study groups, within the VCC or with general participation of the public.

The tools for running participatory modeling projects and case studies are still under development.