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Participatory Modeling

This floor offers tools for participatory modeling activities. The tools all aim at helping groups to tackle wicked problems. The toolset includes tools and templates for setting up and managing a participatory modeling project for different modeling approaches, transdiciplinary participatory case studies of wicked problems, mapping of two-dimensional spaces, compiling lists and rating of items in that list (e.g., priority actions, risks, interventions), developing of conceptual models, causal loop-diagrams, stock-and-flow models and agent-based models and for simulations and visualization informing the participatory modeling projects. For the mapping, the spaces can be, for example, the decision space, where stakeholders and rules can be mapped with the two dimensions normally being interest and authority/resources. Another space is that of priorities, where the two dimensions are importance/impact and feasibility. Any space that can be represented with two dimensions can be mapped.

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[Sep. 16, 03:37:2, 2022] Ratings and Mappings: On the Participatory Modeling Floor a rating of priority actions and several mappings of stakeholders and rules are open for Place4Us users to contribute...