How to do Things on Place4Us and in Virtual Community Centers

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How to ...?

The How to of Using Place4Us and Being in Virtual Community Centers

Joining Place4Us

How can you join Place4Us?

If you are new to Place4Us, you can sign up as a Place4Us participant in [Participant Access]. You can also sign up as a member directly at a Virtual Community Center (VCC) you want to join, which makes you also a participant of Place4Us.

After you have signed up and then logged in in [Participant Access], you can edit your particiant profile on Place4Us in [Participant Access] -> [Edit Your Profile] or the workspace of a VCC you are a member of. In the profile, you can publish a brief bio, upload a picture of you, and set a number of preferences concerning privacy, login tracking, and notifications. Currently, your participant profile applies to all VCCs you are a member of.

Questions with Answers

Earth Viability Center

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Participating on Place4Us

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Requesting and Constructing a VCC

Request VCC:How to request a new VCC?
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Utilizing the Collaborative Workspace

Group Emails:How to send mails to all group members (workspace, VCC, ...)?

Completing Forms and Formatting Texts

Text Formatting:How to format texts with HTML tags?