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About Blogging on the Place for Us

At the Place4Us level, selected users have the option to maintain their own blog on the Place4Us main page. The blogging tool is available in the main Place4Us workspace. Users can maintain their blogs there. Blogs can be saved as drafts and be published when the blogger deems them ready for publishing.

At the VCC level, all members of a VCC can maintain own blogs. In VCCs, the blogging tool is available on the workspace floor.

All blogging has to adhere to the general rules for verbal contributions at the Place4Us or VCC level. The main principle guiding all contributions made in blogs and other written or oral communication is that of reverence for all other community members. Within this general principle, you are asked to interpret the words of others generously, to aim for shared understanding instead of being right, to value each members unique perception of the world, to show honest compassion, to be willing to see the others holisticly and to be seen holisticly, and to express your anger without hate.